Are you ready to be part of your very own Pleasure Tribe

…a tribe of women who are Fierce, Feminine and Free?

Starting in January, the experts of the Pleasure Tribe, along with Kristin, are committed to helping you revive what's most precious to you:

  • The relaxed YOU
  • The turned on YOU
  • The healthy YOU
  • The confident YOU
  • The fulfilled YOU
  • The sexy YOU
  • The connected YOU

Over the course of 6 months, you'll dive deeper into the experiences of the Red Tent Revival. You'll go on a personal pleasure journey like you've never experienced before…and emerge on the other side as a woman who is more turned on, tapped in and lit up from the inside out.

  • This is your exclusive opportunity to learn from experts who you would not otherwise have access to
  • They're either unavailable for this type of coaching OR It would cost thousands of dollars to work with them
  • Your chance to go deeper and learn more about how your body works and how you can make it work for you
  • This is a safe environment where you can get answers to the questions that you've been to shy or afraid to ask
  • This is a community of women from all over the world.
  • You can connect with people who are interested in learning the same information as you, on the same path
  • Remember, as you learn, grow and transform, it's important to surround yourself with likeminded people who are going to support you in your journey

I'll be your leader through this experience of transformation into the woman you've always wanted to become.

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Overview of the 6 Month
Pleasure Tribe

This schedule is subject to change so stay loose and in the flow with us.
Everything will be recorded and will be yours to keep!!

6 months in The Pleasure Tribe

Frequently asked questions

How is the Pleasure Tribe different than the Red Tent Revival?

You can think of the Pleasure Tribe as an in-depth continuation of the Red Tent Revival. Throughout the Red Tent Revival, you were introduced to new concepts, techniques and a handful of top-notch experts.

The Pleasure Tribe is the place where you go to learn more about these concepts and techniques and how you can apply them to your everyday life. You'll be learning from the same experts you were introduced to in the Red Tent Revival and when you join the Pleasure Tribe, you'll have access to these experts in a way that's not available to the public.

What can I expect?

The Pleasure Tribe is a 6 month committed membership. This means that over the course of these 6 months, you'll be on a journey of self-awakening with the same group of women, and you'll transform together.

This is an experiential Tribe which means the content you receive will be delivered in various ways (classes, workshops, exercises) all designed to revive the true You.

Each month, you'll receive classes and workshops from the Guest Experts and you'll learn transformational practices from Kristin. In addition to the classes and workshops, each month you'll have the opportunity to have your questions answered by Tj Bartel, the Masterful Man of the Red Tent Revival. You'll also get your heart rate pumpin' with the weekly dance lessons.

Is it private or open to the public?

The Pleasure Tribe is open to everyone affiliated with the Red Tent Revival. So while it's being offered to a select public group, once you're behind closed doors, you're in a safe, private space.

Kristin wants to create a space for women to connect and talk about the real issues and challenges that are present in our lives. We respect your privacy and everything that happens in the Red Tent, stays in the Red Tent. Kinda like Vegas, but juicier ;)

Do I need to bring anything to the classes or workshops?

Kristin and the experts will provide you with the information and necessary materials that are needed in the Red Tent.

You will have the option to purchase additional materials that are referenced and taught about. (Example: Books or self pleasuring goodies) This is highly recommended, but totally optional.

What happens when the 6 month Pleasure Tribe is done?

Everything in the Pleasure Tribe will be recorded and it's yours to keep forever! You can listen to training material and complete the exercises as many times as you want! (And there will be A LOT of juicy exercises you'll be wanting to try again!)

Can I participate in the Pleasure Tribe from anywhere in the world?

Yes, so long as you have a computer and Internet connection.

Does Pleasure Tribe consider the LGBT community?

It's not marketed directly to the LGBT community. However, the content does apply to same sex and opposite sex relationships, as well as your relationship with yourself as a woman.

Can it be for both married and single women?

Yes, of course, it's for both married and single women. There is specific content available for you no matter what your relationship status is.

What if I have other questions?

Email us at for help.

6 months in The Pleasure Tribe